-How do I get in touch with you?

You can email me! jalapenosandanchovies at gmail dot com

-Do you do sponsored posts?

No. Never. I am available as a freelancer for hire to develop recipes or write for your brand or company, but I will not ever do sponsored posts on my site.

-Do you accept products to review on your blog?

No. Never. I’m of the firm belief that it’s outright crappy to tell people to buy something I received for free. If I’m going to recommend others to spend their hard-earned money on something, it will only be after I have spent my hard-earned money on it too.

-Do you accept guest posts?

Not at this time.

-Can we swap links?

No. I, like most food bloggers, have a policy of not swapping links. If I mention your blog or list it in my Good Reads section, it will be because I genuinely like it, not because I am getting something in return.