I absolutely love hearing from readers and passers-by! Seriously, your comments make my day and make this space worthwhile. However, we all know by now that the interwebs can get a little… unwieldy; as such, I’m setting some helpful guidelines to make the comment section a place we both enjoy. I never shy from being opinionated and occasionally (frequently?) I speak of controversial subject matter. You are free to disagree, passionately even, but do so civilly. As such here are some examples of things that do not fly here at Jalapenos and Anchovies: ad hominem attacks, doxing, outright rudeness or hostility, proselytizing, self-promotion; racial, homophobic, and misogynist slurs of any kind will never be tolerated, nor will obviously offensive slurs against people with disabilities. For instance, using the slur “tard” on its own or in any context (retard, libtard, fucktard) will get you banned immediately.

Happily, other types of comments are perfectly welcome here, including disagreements, passionate discussions, and differing points of view, so long as they stay civil. Also acceptable: asking for recipe clarifications, pointing out typos, reporting that you tried a recipe and what you thought (positive or negative), offering substitutions for readers with dietary restrictions, and linking to other recipes you think I or other readers might enjoy. If you do that though, please just provide the link and do not write out the recipe in its entirety. To do so isn’t fair to the original site/person who posted the recipe in the first place, plus it makes the comment section difficult to navigate. Let’s keep it fun, robust, and interesting!